Tournament Fundamentals

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I know what you’re thinking:

Fundamentals? That sounds BORING. 

That sounds like a high school class.


Fundamentals in poker are different.

No one explains this to aspiring players. Do you know what fundamentals are?

Fundamentals are how YOU WIN FOREVER.

Fundamentals are how Mike Wasserman and Bryan Paris have made millions of dollars in PROFIT over decades in this game!

Fundamentals are the SCIENCE behind No Limit Hold’em. They are the concepts that never change!

Once you master the fundamentals you are UNSTOPPABLE in tournaments. No one can touch you! You will win forever!

Most people do not know the fundamentals. Most people do not have the discipline to learn the fundamentals. 

Even if they do learn the fundamentals, they don’t want to apply them. They get bored. They want to add their own flair to the proceedings.

They do that, or they get scared. They don’t want to move their chips around. They want to play tight and “wait for a better spot.”

If you can apply this scientific formula without trying to add anything unscientific to it, you too can win millions of dollars in profit like Bryan Paris and Mike Wasserman have done.

Who are Bryan Paris and Mike Wasserman? Both have been professionals for over a decade. They have remained relevant throughout all the years and advances in the field, BECAUSE they know the fundamentals. Bryan just recently won $65,000+ in the GG Millions. Not to be outdone, just this last month Mike won $240,000+ at the Commerce! 

What do these two know that you don’t? How have they made millions in profit for years?

They possess the fundamentals that all pros know but don’t teach! These concepts are generally taught privately. But not anymore!

If you pick up Tournament Fundamentals today, you will have a framework for every tournament you play for the rest of your life.

You will no longer be confused in any key tournament spot. Mike and Bryan will answer all your questions on every topic.

The Tournament Fundamentals course answers all the following questions. Read through these questions and ask yourself, how confident are you in your approach to all of these different tournament stages? Would you like to get your strategy LOCKED DOWN for LIFE with the SCIENCE of poker? Or would like to keep guessing?

Tournament Fundamentals includes instruction on these topics and questions:

28 Sections 11+ Hours

1-9BBs Strategy All Positions:

  • When do you start to have fold equity preflop? When do you NOT have fold equity preflop? How does that change your strategy?
  • How should you change your playing ranges from the shortstack?
  • What is fundamental shortstack strategy?

10BBs Strategy All Positions:

  • How do you play this stack from early position, middle position, and late position?
  • What blind versus blind strategies should be used with 10 big blinds? (This spot comes up a ton!)

10BBs ICMizer Benchmarks:

  • What is optimal blind versus blind strategy according to ICMizer with 10 big blinds?
  • What is optimal button versus blinds strategy? (This is another situation that comes up repeatedly)
  • How do you develop benchmarks to make these spots easier?

12-25BBs Strategy (This Is Where The Fun Begins):

  • How does fold equity change from 10-16BBs?
  • What is our strategy facing a raise?
  • What is our strategy as the original raiser?
  • What is good shortstack blind versus blind strategy from this stack size?
  • How do you play middle pairs from shortstacks? So many people get this one wrong!
  • How do you play middle pairs in limped pots? This one stumps a ton of people!
  • When do you raise a hand like AQ and when do you move all-in with it? Many people get this concept WRONG!
  • Resteal Strategy in ICMizer
  • How do you play 16BBs properly? This is the stack size people start having problems with
  • How do you naturally balance your ranges?
  • How do you find the bottom of your shove ranges in ICMizer?
  • How do you target opponents for light resteals? This separates pros from amateurs!

26-40BBs (As Aggressor)

  • What are you supposed to threebet in the small blind versus a late position open? Most people do not handle this situation correctly!
  • What is your true fold equity with medium stack sizes?
  • What are your squeeze bet sizes supposed to be like in position and out of position?
  • How does fold equity work blind versus blind when you’re 35 big blinds deep?
  • How do you adjust versus a minimum raise and versus a 3x raise when you’re in the big blind? Most people handle these situations incorrectly!
  • What are you supposed to be threebetting out of the big blind? This edge is COMPLETELY underused in today’s game!
  • How are you supposed to defend against threebets when you’re out of position and playing 26-40 big blinds? Most people are completely lost in this situation!
  • How deep can you get away with shoving over an open?
  • How do small raises impact your strategy?
  • What is proper limp/shoving strategy 35 big blinds deep when you are playing blind versus blind? 
  • How do you double barrel in position THIN for value?

1-30BBs Stack Size Options:

  • What unexploitable strategies can be used from each stack depth from each position?
  • How do our options CHANGE as we develop a deeper stack?

30-40BBs Stack Size Options:

  • What strategies should we use when facing an open?
  • What folding and calling strategies should we use facing a threebet?
  • What cold calling strategies should we use from this stack size?
  • What fourbetting strategies should we use from this stack size?

50-100BBs Stack Size Options:

  • Where do solvers GO WRONG? The general public doesn’t know this! 
  • What strategies should be used facing an open from these stack depths?
  • What threebet sizing should be used in position and out of position from these stack depths?
  • What blind versus blind strategy should be used from this stack depth?

15BBs BB Defense:

  • What adjustments should be made when you’re defending the big blind versus early position, middle position, late position, and small blind opens?
  • How do you frame the math behind defending the BB (BB/100)?
  • When should you LEAD into the original raiser? The vast majority of people get this wrong!
  • How do humans FAIL to implement the solver strategies?
  • Why SHOVING A-X is so much more profitable than people realize!
  • How do you split up your AXs range as the preflop aggressor?
  • What is the difference between offsuit aces and suited aces when you’re in the big blind?
  • How do you play a flopped top pair versus a button open?
  • How do you play flush draws on an ace high board out of the big blind?

30BBs BB Defense:

  • When should you go broke with top pair against a UTG opener?
  • How does your big blind defense range CHANGE versus a 2X open or a 2.5X open? Most people get this wrong!
  • What adjustments need to be made defending the big blind versus middle position opens and early position opens?
  • What is proper big blind strategy on paired boards?
  • How do you mix in threebets from the big blind when you’re 30 big blinds deep? Most people mess this up!
  • When to NOT call down post flop!

50+BBs BB Defense:

  • What hands should you continue with versus a continuation bet? Most people have no idea what they’re doing in this situation!
  • What is Minimum Defense Frequency?
  • When should you use a small checkraise? This tool is not used by 90% of players!
  • When should you bluff shove the river? This tool is not used by more than 90% of players!
  • How do you use the nut flush draw BLOCKER?
  • What hands should you check, call, or lead with?
  • How does having a deeper stack impact your threebetting ranges?

Bluffing Basics:

  • What are some PRACTICAL ways to view bluffing that the public doesn’t know?
  • What hands should you use when bluffing?
  • What are some concrete examples of good bluffs and bad bluffs?
  • What kind of bluffs are you making? Do you know?

Bubble Basics:

  • What DIFFERENT strategies should you use on the money bubble?
  • How does your table and stack size dictate your strategy?
  • What math do you need to know to approach the bubble correctly?
  • When should you GAMBLE on the bubble?!

Final Table Basics:

  • How do you play at the final table when action starts?
  • How do you play at the final table halfway through its completion?
  • How do you play LATE into the final table?
  • How does your stack size COMPLETELY CHANGE your approach at the final table?

Live BB Ante Basics:

  • How do you play a shortstack in a big blind ante tournament? 
  • What are the BIGGEST MISTAKES people make in this format?

Shorthanded Basics:

  • What adjustments need to be made in shorthanded play?
  • What are some common misconceptions people have about shorthanded play?
  • Why do we need to play MORE hands!?

End Game Basics:

  • What are some concrete examples of adjustments we should make shorthanded?
  • How does postflop strategy CHANGE during the end game?
  • What are some common field tendencies we can EXPLOIT during the end game?
  • How do we choose our light threebet spots in the end game?
  • When should we open jam as opposed to raise/call?
  • How can limping the button help us WIN in the end game?
  • When should we keep a shortstack player ALIVE at a final table to help us CRUSH IT?!

And much much more is discussed in this series! There are bonus features in this package available only to buyers! 

So what are you waiting for? Buy Tournament Fundamentals today and learn how to CRUSH FOR LIFE!

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Tournament Fundamentals

9 ratings
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